The Most Shocking Children's Toys


Ever walked into a toy store and ended up spotting trinkets you thought you’d only find in the adult section or play sets that should not have passed quality control? Here’s a list that makes up some of the most outrageous toys surprisingly intended for children.

Remember when we thought that those crying baby dolls, first introduced in the late 80’s, were encouraging children to have babies at an early age? Well, imagine how outraged parents would feel when a doll that comes fully equipped with a training bra filled with milk for your daughter (or son) to breast feed their fresh out the box, little bundle of joy…oh did I forget to mention that the doll makes suckling noises while it feeds? It doesn’t stop there either…

One can only imagine that a toy company, most likely owned by Al-Qaeda, would have the gall to manufacture a toy replica of the Twin Tower attacks on 9/11. Still not shocked? How about Dora the Explorer encapsulated inside of a giant, pink, phallic shaped deprivation tank? Looks like Dora might be starring in a reboot of, The Cell.

Lego Movie was such a mega hit in the box office but I’m not sure studios will be in a hurry to take on one toy companies, Lego Concentration Camp…Auschwitz, Germany…1942…AND IT GETS CRAZIER! See everything from racist, cuddly dolls to man eating Cabbage Patch Kids. You have to watch this video to see just how warped the minds of those seeking to entertain children can get…CREEEEPY!