The Most Powerful X-Men Ever


The X-Men are among the most beloved superheroes of all time. The recent movies (except maybe Wolverine) are among the most financially viable franchises currently in production. With even more movies on the way, as well as some new TV productions, X-Men are more popular than ever.

But how many X-Men are there really? The movies have only scratched the surface of the great well of Superheroes that belong or are associated with X-Men and some have tremendous power. We all love Wolverine and Cyclops, but which mutants really harness the most power?

On this list we take a look at the most powerful X-Men out there, to the best known favourites to some of the more obscure mutants. Being powerful is not just about the potential of your powers but how much you can control them. Does your favourite make the cut?

Professor X

Charles Xavier might not be the strongest mutant

But Without him

there would be no X-Men

Putting him among the most powerful Marvel heroes!


Don’t let the movies fool you!

Rogue can drain the lifeforce

from anyone she touches

Accessing their memories and skills

and even their powers!


Dubbed the God-mutant

Legion has over 200 mutant personas within him

Making him just a little unstable

and virtually unstoppable


Easily one of the most powerful mutants ever

Magneto transforms any metal into a weapon

Need an island? He can do it

without so much as lifting a finger


Phoenix strikes fear into fellow mutants

with her unlimited power

She learned to control it

making her the most powerful X-Man