The Most Over-The-Top Celebrity Entrances


Celebrities know how important image is to their career or brand. Many of them are no strangers to controversy, and are aware that bad publicity can sometimes make or break a career. Some celebrities are adept at using their command of the spotlight to their best advantage. They dream up outrageous costumes or characters, or outlandish stunts at awards ceremonies to grab the world’s attention while promoting a new single, movie or product.

Here are some of the most amazing celebrity entrances:

Richard Branson

65 -year-old Branson has a reputation for spectacular publicity stunts

In 2007, the billionaire Virgin founder bungee-jumped off Las Vegas’ Palms Casino hotel roof

Branson’s stunt marked the first flight for Virgin America airlines

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj hit the 2012 Grammys in a red cloak escorted by someone dressed as the Pope

The ‘Pope’ came on stage while Minaj sang Roman Holiday

Catholic media slammed her act as raunchy and insulting

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig was revealed as the sixth James Bond in style in 2005

Craig arrived on a speedboat racing under London’s Tower Bridge

He met waiting press escorted by Royal Marines

Lady Gaga

Queen of invention Lady Gaga arrived at the 2011 Grammys as an embryo in an egg

At the 2013 American Music Awards Gaga rode in on a white horse, powered by people

Miley Cyrus accused Gaga of being a scene-stealer

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to controversy

Baron Cohen arrived at the 2012 Oscars dressed as The Dictator despite Academy threats

He then spilled an urn of the fake ashes of ‘Kim Jong-il’ over host Ryan Seacrest