The Most Insane Military Raids by Soldiers


The one constant in human history is war – we just can’t seem to stop killing each other. Since the beginning of recorded history there have been countless examples of wars and battles occurring all over the planet on the land, sea and even in the air. Naturally, some wars and battles stand out more than others or are taught in a little more detail in our schools. Additionally, we also learn of great military leaders and generals who are often linked to a series of great battles or tactics. In all likelihood, you’ve heard of military leaders like George Patton, Joan of Arc, Erwin Rommel and Napoleon Bonaparte. Likewise, most people are familiar with battles like Gettysburg, D-Day, Waterloo and the Somme.

When we talk about military history, one aspect which definitely captures the imagination of readers, students and even Hollywood directors is the raid. By definition, a raid is a small-scale operation involving a group of soldiers often launched against odds that are less than appealing. Raids are dramatic, tense and often the stuff epic movies are made of. Over time there have been countless raids in countless wars. However, some definitely stand out for their scale, impact or even dramatic scenes. Whether involving military forces storming a building held by terrorists, soldiers assaulting an enemy-held port at night or a group of troops flying a great distance into unfriendly territory to release hostages, raids are an important part of any military force and have been used to great effect throughout human history.