The Most Highly SECURED Places You CAN'T ENTER


It’s important to feel safe inside your own home, because nobody wants to go to bed worrying about waking up and facing some unwanted guests. Similarly, if you were to store your data or belongings somewhere, you would hope that they would only be visible to the most security conscious eyes, and that no one unauthorized would be able to get access them.

Today, we’re showing you some of the most secure facilities in the world, some of which have features you’ve probably never even considered before. These places take the phrase ‘under lock and key’ to a whole new level, and we wouldn’t even want to consider trying to enter them ourselves. So, what’re we showing you today?

We’ll be telling you about various bunkers around the world, including the UK Government’s Burlington in the UK, and Pionen in Stockholm, Sweden. We’ve also got the Niihau Island in Hawaii, where only those who have relatives on the island can visit, and a special car park in the north of England, which is one of the top 10 most secure places in the world. Aside these, you’ll learn about HavenCo in Sealand, ADX Florence in Colorado, and an RAF base in Yorkshire, England, where nobody is truly sure what goes on. Some of these places you might want to visit, and others, you’ll want to forget about entirely, but you certainly won’t ever be able to visit them either way.