The Most Hated Celebrity Mean Girls


Although being a celebrity has its perks, like anything, there’s a negative side to it. Unfortunately, it’s hard for most celebrities to mask anything as they are constantly under people’s radars. One of the many downfalls to all of this is the fact that your every move is continuously being watched, analyzed and inevitably reported. For many of these women, their actions have landed them a pretty solid reputation of being a “mean girl.” The term itself says it all and it isn’t exactly a compliment.

Madonna swore at a fan who didn’t know the lyrics to her song “Open Your Heart.” She also told another fan that she hated the flowers that she was given.

Christina Aguilera reportedly bullied her fellow cast and crew members on the set of Burlesque. She’s also laughed at fans who wanted her autograph.

Kim Kardashian has shown very little respect and appreciation for her fans calling them “stupid imbeciles” and “boring little nobodies.”

Ariana Grande has threatened to cancel an interview as they disregarded her wishes to stand on her “good side.” Her tantrum let her get her way in the end.

Nicki Minaj was a former judge on American Idol. She was continuously late and very rude with contestants.

Rihanna mocked one of her fans on Instagram by putting their picture next to that of a goat and asking her “following” to find the difference.