The Most FAKE Looking Famous People


The pressures of being beautiful are increased ten-fold when you are constantly under the magnifying glass of society. Being a famous star comes with the burden of always looking your best when placed on the Hollywood pedestal. As age draws its unflattering features, the rich and famous will go to great measures to erase them.

The biggest trend among these stars is seeking a quick fix for those pesky wrinkles and sagging face. Throughout the years, the practices of plastic surgery and Botox injections have become about as common and convenient as grocery shopping. Unfortunately, sometimes itdoesn’t always turn out the way that they had hoped.

The celebrities listed in this video helps one realize how plastic surgery received its name in the first place. Some surgeries and injections leave these stars looking frozen, waxy and even plastic. Their disproportionate features leave audiences looking back, comparing them to pictures of their former beauty and asking, “What happened?” Here are the ten most fake-looking celebrities.