The Most Expensive Items Ever Sold On eBay


We’ve all spent time cruising around on eBay looking for a good deal. Need to get rid of something quick and don’t quite know who to sell it to? eBay is the place to go. Although most of the site’s purchases are rather feasible, there are always a select few who go above and beyond. How much would you spend?

-After going through a divorce, Ian Usher sold his life (all of his belongings) for $309,292.

-Former White Sox player Shoeless Joe’s baseball bat was sold by his nephew for $577,610.

-A Honus Wagner baseball card was sold for $1.1 million. When his card was offered with cigarette packs, Wagner protested against it.

-A House with a war proof bunker in the upstate of New York sold for $2.1 million.

-An insurance broker bought the town of Albert, TX for $216,000, only to sell it later for $2.5 million.

-In support of Warren Buffet’s charity lunch to raise money for the less fortunate, a bidder paid $2.6 million for the day.

-The Gulfstream II sold for $4.9 million. It was one of the most expensive sales to ever be made on the internet.

-The Gigayacht is the most expensive item to ever be sold on eBay, ringing in a very hefty $168 million.