The Most Epic Celeb YouTuber Collabs


We love our YouTubers and we love our favorite celebs. And sometimes, the gods smile down on us and the two come together in awesome video collaborations! So, to celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of the Most Epic Celeb YouTuber Collabs.

Just take Grace Helbig for instance. She is a YouTube staple. Her funny games and witty nature make her an easy favorite. She has teamed up with several stars to produce her videos. One of our favorite videos is the one where she has Lance Bass and James Corden on and the two battle to make up the best boy band songs.

Another famous collaboration took place when YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous teamed up with Kylie Jenner for an episode of “What’s in My Mouth.” In the game, each girl had to close their eyes while the other put a mystery food in their mouth and guessed what the item was. It was hilarious to watch and we would definitely watch more videos of the two of them together.

Collabs aren’t just limited to television or movie stars. Fitness gurus TheLeanMachines got Olympic medalist Tom Daley to appear on their channel and give out a recipe for awesome protein balls! Seriously, they looked delicious.

From The Rock to Daniel Radcliffe and Michelle Obama, no celebrity is too big to pop up on your favorite YouTube channel. To see more of the best collabs of all time, make sure you stay tuned to The Most Epic Celeb YouTuber Collabs. You won’t believe who is partnering with Kim Kardashian West!