The Most Disturbing Celebrity Items Sold on EBay


Have you ever discovered that the panties you were wearing that awesome night with your boyfriend went missing? Then you realize, yes, he took it as a souvenir. This is just one example of how strange people can be when it comes to cherishing people or certain experiences. Ebay is one of the best places to go to when you want to discover how strange some people are. The items being sold there are indicative of how people find strange ways to connect. We all want to connected or stay connected to things, ideas or people that give us comfort.

Celebrities, deities, body parts, clothes and activities are all products on Ebay that show us how desperate the people bidding are to get somewhere or to stay close to someone or something. We can all admit we’re addicted to celebrities because they symbolize beauty, grace, wealth and talent. We keep up with them because we want to be like them… and sometimes Ebay provides us items to have the opportunity, if our bid wins, to have items that make us feel connected to them. But so often these items are just so strange!

Brit’s Test

• Britney is the fantasy of many men

• Who apparently dream of knocking her up

• Her pregnancy test

• Was bought by a radio station

• for $5000!

J-Law’s Bra

• Jennifer’s dirty bra and shirt

• worn in Silver Lining’s Playbook

• Was auctioned off

• For over $3000

Scar-Jo’s Hot Snot

• Scarlett blew her nose

• On the Tonight show

• And the tissue was auctioned off

• To an anonymous buyer

• who paid $5300

Gaga’s Glam

• A janitor found Gaga’s fake nail

• In the trash after a performance

• Which he sold on Ebay

• For $13,000!