The Most Difficult Homes To Break Into


Whether they’re a professional thief, an adrenaline-fueled thrill seeker, or a mercenary for hire, you need to go into your job fully prepared. Yet, nothing could prepare skilled criminals for these exotic, isolated and well-secured locations. TheHub’s found The Most Difficult Homes To Break Into and these places are difficult for a reason. Whether they’re newly constructed and personally customized estates, refurbished Cold War-era bunkers, or hidden islands, the people living in these locales don’t want to be disturbed. Their homes might be used for hosting parties during peacetime or hideaways during international crises, but these strongholds can keep their owners tucked away indefinitely. Attracting people of both the curious and the crazy variety, thrill-seeking criminals may wish to prove their mettle and bust into these architectural goldmines to see what’s hidden behind a locked blast door or submerged under many feet of heavy concrete.

But don’t even try breaking into these residential Fort Knoxes. Beyond the illegality of it all, it’ll just be a waste of your time. From a panic room in TriBeCa to the “World’s Safest House,” and from the Genesis Pod to the Coloradoan, these homes were built or converted to serve as a unique and tucked-away luxury. The Trident Lakes Resort, the Greenbriar Resort, and the Vivos Europa One are all very unique fortresses. And don’t even think about scaling the walls of Katskhi Pillar or ferrying a boat out to the island of Petit St Vincent, because their natural defenses are far too treacherous for the faint of heart.