The Most CONTROVERSIAL Famous Mothers


It’s not always easy being a mother, and when you’re a celebrity mother, the pressure is on you to do things right. There’s a chance that pretty much everything you do is going to be seen and scrutinized, and if you’re not careful, you can get a really bad wrap. Some things, such as breastfeeding in public are controversial in themselves, with one half of the world accepting it and the other half saying it’s inappropriate. However, there are other situations that are just plain wrong, and these celeb mothers should know better.

Quite a few of the mothers on this list have starred in reality TV shows, which seems pretty coincidental (or not). Kim Kardashian began her career with controversy, so it’s no surprise that controversy has followed her into motherhood. That naked throwback selfie she posted a while back was a little too much for some people to handle. Some thought it was wildly inappropriate, while others praised her for empowering women. In that case it really is to each their own. But in cases like June Shannon, there’s pretty much no justification. Honey Boo Boo’s mother dated a convicted child molester and you have to see how she let it tear her family apart.

Then there are the mothers who try (and succeed) to exploit their children’s fame and struggles. Kris Jenner is the obvious frontrunner, doing everything she can to stay in the spotlight. She pitches reality shows, wedding specials, and even possibly leaked her daughter’s sex tape to get her into the public eye. How’s that for messed up mothering? Dina Lohan is another prime example of this, constantly criticized for using Lindsay’s success and downfalls to her own benefit. Lindsay also claimed she did illicit drugs and stole money from her, so that definitely doesn’t help her situation.

If something is even a smidge controversial, it can blow up in the world of celebrity. When Chrissy Teigan announced her and John Legend chose the sex of their baby, people had lots of words to say. And when one mother tried to seduce her daughter’s husband, things got messy, fast. The mother/daughter duo is now estranged although they appear on the Mother/Daughter Experiment together. No matter how big or small, controversies are everywhere in Hollywood. Check out the most controversial mothers in the land of fame and fortune.