The Most Bizarre Japanese Inventions


From technology to J-pop, Japan is known for being a country mile above the rest when it

comes to inventions. The innovative nation prides itself on being full of geniuses, which is

why their cities and products seem so futuristic. Not only are they ahead of the pack, Japan is seen as a nation where every outsider desires to visit at least once in their life. It would take several hours to get there, and it’s going to cost a pretty penny, yet those who land in Japan are stunned by the way of life, not to mention the millions of products unavailable in other countries.

These products could be available somewhere like North America sooner or later, but what

about the inventions that were total busts? For a country so advanced, sometimes certain

products were just a little too strange to leave on the shelf. Here are the most bizarre Japanese inventions:

-The Motoman SDA10 is an autobot created to make Japanese-style pancakes all by itself. The robot also weighs 480 pounds.

-Easy Butter Former is a quick and easy way to spread butter, which works somewhat like a cheese grater.

-Face slimmers and smoothers are just one of Japan’s many inventions dedicated to beauty. The face slimmer supposedly gets rid of wrinkles.

-The Female Lap Pillow is presumably for lonely men that long for women’s thighs, which

this so-called pillow is designed after.

-The thumb extender is a plastic thumb that is used for a better grip on smart phones and


-Necomimi is a headband with a brain wave sensor that is supposedly used to detect

thoughts and emotions of the user. They go for roughly $100 online.