The Most Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures In the Ocean


We’ve barely begun to swim under the surface of our oceans. While the cold and pressure of the deep seas makes it difficult for us humans to dive deep, there is a fascinating array of creatures who have adapted just fine to these situations. Some of them, like the giant tube worm, even makes their home near hydrothermal vents, which spread toxic chemicals into the ocean water. However, the giant tube worm can not only survive this, but use the chemicals to sustain itself. Two things everyone seems to love are vampires and cephalopods, however, we don’t often seem to combine the two, unless of course you are talking about the vampire squid. Going along with that same gothic theme is the coffinfish, a strange looking little fish that uses a lure to catch its prey, and can puff up to intimidate predators. Because prey can be hard to find deep in the sea, many fish have razor sharp teeth so that they can be prepared to eat anything that comes their way, such as the fangtooth fish and the viperfish, whose teeth are so big they can’t even close their mouths! Of course, we couldn’t have an ocean video without mentioning one of the rare and bizarre types of sharks swimming around out there. We’ll show you the frilled shark, which looks unlike any other shark you’re likely to encounter closer to the surface. If that’s not enough nightmare-fuel for you, we’ll also introduce you to the giant spider crab, which is, well, exactly what it sounds like.