The Most Amazing Lost Worlds On Earth


From the remote highlands of South America to the frozen tundra in the southern tip of our planet, Earth has forgotten landscapes just waiting to be discovered... if you know where to look. Luckily, TheHub is here to show you these Most Amazing Lost Worlds On Earth. Caves and lakes, canyons and mountains, ridges and underwater crevices show untouched nature at its most beautiful and exotic. Even though the 21st Century is a time of immense development, the world of the information age still has some natural surprises in store.

The far-reaching depths of the Movile Cave and Son Doong Cave show the amazing natural-hewn architecture of subterranean rock. The Challenger Deep displays an untouched darkness as complete as the vast quiet of outer space. Mount Roraima holds a beauty comparable to the highest peaks around. The Palawan Highlands broaden your expectations for how green and lush the wildest jungles can be. East Scotia Ridge will alter your expectations for life’s ability to thrive in hot and pressurized locations. Sima Humboldt will subvert your knowledge for how far a sinkhole can pierce into the Earth’s crust. Melville Range will shock your senses with its vibrant wildlife and natural boundaries. Lake Vostok will display just how cold an Antarctic lake can be.

Although these places aren’t mysterious dinosaur islands or floating Atlantis-like continents, the Most Amazing Lost Worlds On Earth serve as examples of how life on our planet flourished in the past and how natural environments can find ways to survive in the future.