The Most Adorable Animals In Politics


Imagine having a cat sitting as the mayor of your town, or a parrot filling a seat on the local council? Or even a crayfish running for president of the United States? It may sound completely crazy, but these animals, among many other four-legged, furry and feathered creatures, have been nominated, registered and sworn into the highest offices in the land.

While it is true that in some cases these campaigns are spoofs, or reactions against the actual human contenders running for the political position, such as Morris the cat or Cacareco the rhinoceros, other candidates, such as Stubbs the Manx mayor, and Duke, Cormorant’s speed control canine, have real defined responsibilities within their roles, even if these are mainly symbolic.

From a beer-swilling goat to a money-mindful parrot, have these political animals gone power mad?


Morris was nominated for mayor of Xalapa, Mexico, as a joke

The feline gained 150,000 Facebook likes with his slogan “tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat”

Although the purr-fect candidate wasn’t allowed on the ballot, Morris received 7,500 votes


Seven-year-old Duke was elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota in August 2014

The lucky dog guards the town and ensures cars don’t break the speed limits

Duke earned pro grooming, a new outfit and a year’s supply of kibble in lieu of a salary


A rhinoceros defeated more than 500 candidates for a city council position in São Paolo in 1959

The joke candidate received 100,000 votes by disillusioned residents

Cacareco inspired the satirical Rhinoceros Party of Canada a decade later


Talkeetna, Alaska elected an orange Manx kitten as its mayor after rejecting the human contenders

Stubbs has served in the honorary role for 16 years

Talkeetna’s 900 residents say he’s the best mayor ever, despite being caught asleep on the job


A Belgian man registered his pet parrot Yasha into his local council election

Yasha’s slogan was “Where’s the money?”

Clay Henry

The beer-drinking goat was elected mayor of Lajitas, Texas in 1986

Clay Henry appeared on TV and even drank beer with country singer Willie Nelson

His descendant Clay Moore Henry became mayor last year, beating Pancho The Mule