The Most Absurd And Completely Misheard Song Lyrics


Music is one of those forms of artistic expression that few of us can imagine our lives without. We use music to set the mood for our day, to deliver a message to our partner, or to help us get our motivation on. But sometimes the message gets lost.

You all know that guy or girl in the club, or maybe in the seat next to you driving down the road, confidently belting out the wrong lyrics to your favorite tune. While at times you probably find this to be terribly annoying, but more often than not, we can’t help but sit back and laugh.

Regardless of your favorite pop-artist coming through the speakers, few have been articulate enough to avoid more creative interpretations of their lyrics. And that’s lucky, as well as entertaining, for all of us.


Hotline Bling blew up in July of 2015, where Drake poured it all out: “You make me feel like a Digimon!” Really, though, he felt like he ‘did you wrong.’

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s perky personality makes much more sense when you consider her lyric “All the lonely Starbucks lovers.” Taylor and the coffee giant had fun with the misheard words on Twitter.

Fall Out Boy

Dance, Dance is still among the most commonly misheard songs with lyrics “I’m two quarters in a Honda”? Actual lyrics are… “Two quarters and a heart down.”

Katy Perry

Perry’s Dark Horse was one of the highest played songs of 2014. Confused fans thought she was asking “But baby do your daddy do this?” In reality, she sings “but baby do you dare to do this?”

Bob Marley

Marley’s Jammin’ is often played by ABC during coverage of NBA games. On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Twitter user @emily_topaz admits she thought this song said “We’re German.”