The Men of the #MeToo Movement


After witnessing Facebook and Twitter timelines being blasted with #MeToo stories, it’s pretty hard to ignore that the world has a problem. But, one thing many people weren’t ready for was the outpouring of stories and support from men on social media platforms. In this video, we discuss the roles men have taken in the #MeToo movement, and some of the stories they have shared. This is “The Men Of The #MeToo Movement.”

After actress Alyssa Milano encouraged her followers to share their stories of abuse by using the #MeToo hashtag, the world was stunned by the results. Over a million Tweets later, the scope of the problem has come to light, but so has the fact that men are victims of this type of assault as well.

Actors like James Van Der Beek and Terry Crews shared their stories, and it only proved that this is a world issue, and it doesn’t affect just one single gender. We also saw the roles that men are willing to take to stop this sort of behavior from other men. Male dominated movements that came from the #MeToo hashtag include the #WhatIWillDo and #ItWasMe. Both trends are completely different, but they hold men accountable for their past, present, and future actions surrounding this issue.

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