The Luckiest People Who Survived Nature's Worst


There’s no doubting that nature can be both our best friend or our worst enemy… particularly when it comes to some pretty freak incidents that occur around the world.

When nature does decide to attack, the odds are definitely stacked against whoever’s staring the horrifying disaster in the face, but it turns out that there are more than a few lucky survivors who are still living amongst us.

Some incredibly fortunate individuals found themselves surviving insanely brutal attacks from some of the world’s most dangerous animals, including sharks, bulls and other terrifying creatures, which by the laws of nature should have ended in complete disaster.

Others fascinating stories come from those who have suffered at the mercy of fatal freak weather disasters from lethal snow falls to hurricanes which killed a number of people around them, yet these incredibly inspiring survivors have stared death in the face and lived on to tell the tale.

From animal attacks to freak weather incidents, against all odds, these seriously lucky people survived nature’s fiercest wrath and beat the odds to live another day.

Julio Aparicio

Bull fighter Julio Aparicio felt the full wrath of a bull in 2010. After losing his footing during a bullfight, a bull completely impaled his throat with its horn, entering his neck and poking out his mouth.

Colby Coombs

Colby Coombs found himself buried under an avalanche while climbing Mt. Foraker, Alaska, in 1992. Despite a broken shoulder blade, a busted ankle & two fractured neck vertebrae, Coombs walked for 6 days back to base camp and still climbs today.

Tami Oldham Ashcraft

Tami Oldham Ashcraft battled a category 4 hurricane while on a sail boat. Tami was knocked unconscious when her boat capsized. She bravely survived for 41 days at sea before finally reaching a harbor.

Bethany Hamilton

13 year old Bethany was attacked by a 15 foot shark in 2003 while surfing. The shark completely chomped off her left arm. Bethany still surfs today.

Kyson Stowell

Kyson, not even 1 year old, survived a deadly tornado in 2008. Though his mom sadly didn’t make it, Kyson was discovered lying face down in the mud. He miraculously survived with only a collapsed lung and a few scratches.

James Morrow

While snorkeling in Florida, James was attacked by an alligator. The alligator thrashed him for half a minute. The gator’s teeth punctured his chest and even collapsed one of his lungs.

Kootoo Shaw

While on a hunting trip, Kootoo Shaw was viciously attacked by a polar bear. Though the bear’s claws went into Kootoo’s neck, he survived the attack, but needed almost 300 stitches in his scalp.