The Disturbing Real Story Behind The Lion King


Everyone knows Disney’s “Lion King” and for many it’s one of the best Disney movies out there. But do you know the real story behind “The Lion King”? The writers of the movie admitted they drew inspiration from plenty of other stories, including “Hamlet” and the Biblical story of Joseph. The focus of both of the stories is revenge, but wait until you hear about some of the most disturbing moments that have actually inspired “The Lion King.”

If you’ve read “Hamlet” before, you know it’s full of twists and myths. In fact, it’s Shakespeare’s longest play and it requires a lot of attention to detail to make sense of. But “Hamlet” actually shares plenty of similarities with “The Lion King,” and to be completely honest, some of them are very unexpected. Check out the disturbing real story behind “The Lion King” and don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings channel for more videos like this one!