The Dawn Of Independent Space Flight


Up until very recently Space travel has been controlled by the government, however that is slowly changing. Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Blue Origin’s program are working towards changing that. With a number of successful launches, and more to come, these companies and others like it are hoping to revolutionize space travel.

With commercial space flight on the horizon, these launches symbolize the next chapter in human civilization but even they have to admit there are a few problems that still need to be worked out. There have certainly been some setbacks so far, but we’re just happy these companies are making sure their rockets are safe before they move onto the next stage.

As Musk has discussed the very real desire to colonize Mars, let’s hope he can get started on that wish in his lifetime. This is just a short history of some notable launches in the past five years, with hopefully many more to come!

A Decade of Independent Rocketry

• Mavericks like Elon Musk

• Are racing to space

• NASA gotta watch their back!

First Try

• You always remember your first

• In 2010

• the SpaceX rocket

• Performed well for a first timer!

Second Try

• Things were looking good

• On this 2012 SpaceX launch

• Until an engine exploded

Third Try

• In June 2015

• SpaceX Had a minor

• ‘Explosive’

• setback

Fourth Try

• Blue Origin’s 2016 Launch

• Really put the pressure on Musk

• Making an equally nice landing!

Final Try

• It’s Hard not to get teary

• Watching this successful 2016 launch!