The Craziest Last Wills Ever Written


They say you get to know how truly crazy someone is when they’re drunk. But we suggest simply asking what’s in their will, because nothing pushes folks to play their YOLO card like their deathbed. Wouldn’t you want to make your last wish as true to who you are as possible? No use holding back, after all. So it’s no wonder some famous public figures hilariously delighted us with the wills they left behind, knowing they wouldn’t see the fallout.

Take Shakespeare as an example. He may not have loved his wife as much as we thought. Of course, this is a fact she learned only after his death, when he decided she wasn’t worthy of inheriting even his best bed. Dropping a hint like that would have guaranteed our favourite playwright an untimely death, Hamlet-style, but that’s what a will is for. You can be uninhibitedly honest with it.

Whether the crazy last wishes we compiled for you were surprising or hilariously on-character for the people making them, the moral is clear. When you’re going to die, don’t go quietly. Make a grand gesture and you’ll be forever immortalized on the internet for it.

Fredric Baur

• The guy who invented the Pringles container

• Requested his family store his remains in

• You guessed it – a Pringles can

William Shakespeare

• He passed on to his wife

• His “Second best bed”

• It leaves us wondering

• Who received his very best one?

Harry Houdini

• Had specific instructions for his wife

• To hold a séance

• So he could reveal himself to her in the afterlife

Jonathan Jackson

• Loved animals so much

• he left money to build a cat house

• Complete with a dining hall and auditorium

Eleanor E. Ritchey

• Also loved her pets

• And passed down $4.5 million to her 150 dogs

• And When the dogs died

• that money went to the Auburn University Research Foundation