The Craziest Alternatives To Toilet Paper


We’ve all been there… You head to the nearest bathroom only to find there’s no toilet paper in the stall. So what do you do?

We’ve compiled some of the best alternatives to the flushable paper for the next time you find yourself caught a little short, whether it be in a bathroom or even somewhere a little more… wild.

From leaves, to bathroom sponges to re-usable cloth toilet paper, there are actually more (even cheaper!) substitutes to heading to the grocery store for a 12 pack of plush toilet rolls than you might think.

No matter where you find yourself in need of the bathroom without a roll in sight, we’ve got your behind covered (almost literally) with these recommended, but pretty unconventional, toilet paper alternatives.

Check out our list 5 tested and proven alternatives to toilet paper that you can use if you find yourself a little short of the white stuff.

A Sponge

If you’re stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper, just reach for a sponge! You can even add a stick handle to make it a little handier.


If you’re out in the woods and nature calls, leaves may be your best friends. Just grab a handful of (safe!) leaves and wipe away.


If there’s nothing to wipe with, poke a hole in the cap of a water bottle. Just wash instead of wipe!


It may not be fun to clean, but some people prefer cloth to the flushable stuff. It’s much softer, too!


Before toilet paper made it to the market, many people took newspaper to the outhouse. Just make sure you’ve read it first.


While people rarely carry toilet paper in their purse, they’re much more likely to have a pack of tissues. These make a great alternative if you’re caught short!