The Coolest Treehouses Ever Made


Remember the days when you used to build a treehouse with three pieces of wood and a small tree in your back garden?

These incredible treehouse designs from all over the world take the old-school kids hide out spot to an insane new level, investing millions of dollars and years of work into making some of the craziest and most luxurious treehouses on the planet.

With wooden escapes now towering above the trees in forests around the world, these crazy designs soar more than 90ft in the air, making them some of the most stunning examples of wooden architecture on earth.

And they’re certainly no longer just a space to hide out from your parents after they discovered that F on your report card. These treehouses bring in millions from their unique designs, and have been transformed into everything from 5 star hotels to luxury restaurants.

Take a look at 7 of the most insane treehouses from around the world:

Mirror House – Sweden

Covered wall to wall in mirrors, this treehouse in Northern sweden completely blends in with the forest.

4Tree House – Ontario, Canada

Lukasz Kos created this incredible treehouse around 4 trees in Canada. It’s designed to look like Japanese lantern.

Redwoods Treehouse – Aukland, New Zealand

This cocoon shaped treehouse isn’t just a fun place to hang out. It’s also a world famous restaurant that sits 10 meters high! For $3000, you can rent it out for a private party.

Horace Burgess’ Treehouse

This treehouse made from reclaimed wood has 6 trees as its base. The huge structure is nearly 100ft tall and took more than 14 years to build!