The Biggest Phenomena Science Can't Explain


Science helps us to better understand the world around us, and it seems like every day we are learning the answer to one of life’s mysteries. But there are still plenty of strange things happening out there that we just don’t have the answers for. We know it’s only a matter of time before science figures them out, but they might take a while and it’s fun to speculate in the meantime. You may not give much thought to how cows eat, but it turns out that they only chow down facing specific directions, no matter where they are located. Meanwhile, in the ocean blue whales are singing in an increasingly deeper tone and we aren’t sure why. We know that many animals migrate, but trees have been undertaking an unexplained migration as well lately. And we also have a few incredible phenomenon that take place out of this world. Did you know that the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, is hotter than the sun itself? And that’s saying something! Also, while we always thought that black holes exist only to destroy, they may have a hand in creating new stars. Oh, and they burp. That’s a real thing, apparently! Whether you’re left-handed or not, you know that the majority of people are right-handed. If you aren’t sure why, don’t worry, we don’t know either. But there are some interesting theories regarding how our brains evolved over the years. If you enjoy stopping to smell the roses sometimes, you might be interested to know that 250 million years ago, flowering plants went from barely existent to making up 90% of all plant life.