The Best Supermodel Runway Slip-Ups


Walking the catwalk is a job that only a very few people in the world will be able to fulfil, whether by ambition or by their physical appearance. The models are generally required to fit the designer fashion garments crafted for their physiques, and need to strut with poise down the runway, restraining all their personality while showing off the brands. Doing this can be tricky, with stress built up around the media presence closely watching every move, and the constant flashing of the photographers' cameras. Once in a while, a model or supermodel goes down, slipping while performing a twirl, misstepping in very high heels, or even taking a plunge dive from the stage when missing a mark, landing in a heap on the floor or the laps of the audience. More bruising to the ego than the derriere, these models typically stand up and shake it off. But we get to have a laugh watching the very best of supermodel runway slip ups!