The Best Jobs For Kids At Heart


A lot of us dreamed as children we’d grow up heroes. Doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, all these jobs seem magical through a fifth grader’s eyes. For some it happened in high school, others it hit in university: being a doctor isn’t easy. Becoming one is even harder, so many of us kissed our childhood dreams goodbye, let down by the MCAT.

But for those of us who wished they could eat ice cream all day – instead of saving lives – there is good news. It is still possible to fulfill that dream. It’s also possible to play with Lego for a living, and babysit peoples’ private island for cash. We’re not kidding.

Check out our list of awesome jobs for grownups who are still kids at heart. And while you’re at it, get inspired. Because there’s a good chance it’s possible to get paid for doing what makes you happy. Remember, your childhood only ends when you say so.

Dog Surfing Instructor

• If you love dogs and the beach

• You’ll love teaching dogs to surf

• And the insane pay that comes with it

Ice Cream Taste Tester

• taste tests are key

• in creating new ice cream products

• It means trying all sorts of freaky flavors for a living

• And it’s awesome

Lego Master Builder

• Master Builders design, build and maintain Lego models

• it really means you get to be a kid all day

• Competition for the position is tough

• With only 40 Lego Master Builders in the world

Video Games Tester

• You get to game all day

• And finally have a reply

• To when your parents nag you

• about not being productive