The ABC's Of Disney's Frozen


Frozen has been a phenomena for several years now as fans still enjoy the music, characters, and everything the movie has to offer. With new shorts and Frozen 2 in the works, the fandom will only rise for people looking to enjoy the continued adventures of their favorite characters. If you love Frozen, then you will love our A to Z recap of everything in the movie’s universe.

You cannot have a Frozen A to Z list without mentioning all of the great characters. There are the two sisters, Anna and Elsa of course. Hans and Kristoff represent the love interests for Anna. Then there’s Sven and Olaf, the two sidekicks who journey with them along the way. The movie is filled with all types of magic, including ice castles, snow man, and a giant monster named marshmallow. Death is featured early in the movie as Anna and Elsa lose their parents when going on a boating trip. Elsa has one sure-fire way to contain her powers and it’s by wearing a pair for gloves. In the short, Frozen Fever, Elsa’s sickness causes the formation of some new tiny snow creatures. A sled ride provides a thrilling scene and ways for Kristoff and Anna to get closer. Let It Go has become an anthem all around the world and truly taken on a life of its own. Watch to see how Frozen is connected to another his Disney Animation entitled Zootopia. Watch all of this and a lot more in the ABC’s of Disney’s Frozen.