15 Superheroes In Real Life As Cats


Everybody has a favorite superhero, whether it’s Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, or Deadpool. So, which one is yours: The Red Lantern, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America or Robin? No matter which one it is, we bet you’re curious to see what these awesome characters would look like in real life as cats! We certainly were!

You’re not going to believe how realistic some of these feline costumes are — especially for a character like Spiderman! With his iconic red suit and his unmatched confidence, how could anyone possibly make a convincing outfit to put on a cat? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Some of these costumes are incredibly creative, and use some pretty strange materials. Can you guess which citrus fruit works best to carve into an Iron Man mask? We won’t spoil it, but we will say that it is pretty sour!

And then there are the full-on, near-completely covered suits like Catwoman’s. Is it possible to construct an all-leather suit that could fit on a full-size cat? You bet it is, and once you see it, you’ll be astounded at how similar it looks to the costume used in the movies and comics!

So, which superhero is your favorite? Is it Thor? Well, we’ve got a pretty cool looking Thor in here, too. To find out what he looks like, make sure you watch our video until the end, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings YouTube channel!