Terrifying Movie Sets That Were Cursed


Making a film can be a dangerous venture. Anything can happen, from accidents during stunts or while constructing sets, to problems shooting in adverse weather conditions and in remote locations. Add to this the array of sound effects, special effects, costumes and makeup needed to create the film and there is much potential for disaster. This is even more true for those working on the sets of horror movies.

Strange rumors and disturbing stories surround some of Hollywood’s biggest movies. The films themselves are shocking and horrifying, causing outrage and controversy. Sometimes religious groups tried to get the movies banned and filmmakers were warned of dire consequences if they went ahead with the production.

These films went beset by delays, complications and unexplained accidents and even fatalities. Here are some of the most terrifying cursed movie sets:


The iconic horror film used real human skeletons as props.

Four cast members died within six years of shooting the first film in the trilogy.

Heather O’Rourke passed away at 12 years old right before the release of the third film.

The Exorcist

Linda Blair starred as a child possessed by a demon in the horror classic.

One of the film’s sets was destroyed by an unexplained fire.

Nine people in connection with the film soon wound up dead.

The Crow

A carpenter suffered severe burns when a crane hit power lines during filming.

A storm froze the rain machines on set and everyone became ill.

Bruce lee’s son, Brandon, was fatally shot on set in a props malfunction.

The Omen

Gregory Peck starred as the father of Damien, a boy possessed by the devil.

Both planes taken by Peck and the screenwriter were struck by lightning.

Just before filming started, Peck’s own son committed suicide.

The Amityville Horror

Ryan Reynolds starred in the 2005 remake based on a true story.

A fisherman’s dead body washed ashore next to the set right before filming began.

Reynolds reported waking up at 3:15am, the same time the murders took place.