Terrible Dance Moves That Should Be Banned


It’s no secret that dancing can set you free. It’s a form of therapy for those hitting the club floor every weekend. The world of dance isn’t just reserved for music videos and performances; there are programs, classes and different forms of dance people can sign up for, so they can look like they know what they’re doing.

Others aren’t so fortunate.

Even though there’s no such thing as a bad dancer, some dance routines are best left forgotten. If you take music as an example, performers have taught us the twist, the macarena and how to express yourself by twerking. While these were innovating for their respective times, who says they’ll look cool forever? On the other hand, some dance performances were so terrible that we couldn’t help to look away. Here are some of the worst dance moves ever:

One of Carlton’s defining moments on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was his performance of the “Carlton Dance”

Legendary status was achieved

Los del Rio hit the jackpot with Macarena in the mid-90s, which certainly didn’t age well

You can probably find people dancing to this at weddings

Drake is one of the world’s best rappers, but not so hot when dancing

His Hotline Bling video was widely spoofed on the internet

The most awkward dance performed on a sitcom belongs to Elaine of Seinfeld

Has anyone in your family performed the Elaine dance?

The Village People’s YMCA should never be performed again unless you’re over the age of 64

Baauer’s Harlem Shake craze was fun while it lasted

But do you ever want to dance to this again in your life?

We’re still recovering from Gangnam Style, which was arguably the worst dance move ever

Thanks, PSY!