Taylor Swift Needs To Stop Playing The Victim (20 Quick Facts About Taylor Swift)


Taylor Swift has found herself in the middle of gossip magazine and media reports for her ever-changing love life and her celebrity feuds. We may feel like we know her based on her antics in the press, but there is much more to the singer than meets the eye.

Taylor is an award-winning singer and songwriter, but there were many people in her life who inspired her to become successful in the music industry. When she was just 12-years-old, a computer tech visited her family home, and offered to teach her some chords on the guitar. After their impromptu lesson, Taylor penned the song, “Lucky You.”

When it comes to her vocals, Taylor seems to have been destined for greatness. In fact, singing runs in her family. On the maternal side, her grandmother, Majorie Finlay, was a very accomplished an internationally known opera singer. Taylor definitely gets her angelic voice from her grandma, and she calls her one of her first musical inspirations.

Speaking of her grandmother, Taylor has always idolized the marriage of her grandparents. They were married for 51-years, and later in life, they lived in the Swift household. In April 2003, Taylor’s grandfather Bruce passed away, and just a couple months later, Marjorie passed away, too. Taylor looks romanticizes the love her grandparents had for each other, and she credits them for her positive outlook on everlasting love.

The love the singer has for her family is evident, but one person who really plays a major role in Taylor’s life is her mother, Andrea. Andrea would frequently go on tour with the singer, but she had to cut back on traveling once she was diagnosed with cancer. One Christmas, Taylor penned the song “The Best Day” in honor of her mother, but she had to cut the song from her setlist. Every time she would sing it, she could hear her mom crying backstage.

We all know about Taylor’s failed romances with Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner, but there was one crush that shocked us. Surprisingly enough, when Taylor was growing up, she had her sights set on Taylor Hanson of the group The Hanson Brothers. But she wasn’t too focused on his good looks. Taylor says she had a crush on the singer simply because they both shared the same first name.

These are just a few of the things we never knew about Taylor Swift. Were you surprised by any of these quick facts?