Tales of Insane Marriages to Animals


Marriages to animals happen around the world and for many reasons. Ideal marriages between two persons involve promising a life of sincere emotional support to one another; however, some people have found this everlasting love in their pets and other animals. Zoophilic people can be found all over the world and yes, many weddings to animals are brought to the altar for a ceremony with real guests and vows of lifelong commitment just as it would be between two persons. Such happy and unsexual marriages to animals are not unheard of. These stories are strange but somehow often draw our sympathy to those of us who love our lifetime companions. Whatever works right?

When it comes from a spiritual or religious standpoint, oftentimes marriages to animals are made to ensure a life full of protection and good fortune. Sometimes marriages to certain animals are thought to bring on some form of karmic relief. In recent history, some of these insane marriages to animals have been to dogs, cats, dolphins, snakes and ponies. Let’s face it, an animal won’t argue back and stays loyal for as long as they live—who can really blame some of us for being head over heels?

I now pronounce you: Snake and Wife

Bambila Das from India fell in love with snake and married the serpent in a Hindu ceremony. Villagers believe the marriage brings good fortune to the area.

I now pronounce you: Man and Goat

A Sudanese man caught having sex with goat was forced to pay a formal dowry for the animal, marrying the goat for good karma.

I now pronounce you: Dolphin and Wife

Sharon met Cindy, a male bottlenose dolphin, in a show. Claiming to have nothing but pure love for the animal, the two married in Dolphin Reef in 2006.

I now pronounce you: Cats and Wife

A woman married twin cats Lugosi and Spider via, receiving a certificate of marriage from the site. She claims no human could ever make her happier.

I now pronounce you: Man and Dog

A 20 year old man falling in love with his lab was religious and didn’t want to be wed with a woman. He married his lab in a formal ceremony.