Sweet and Satisfying Instant Karma You Must See


If you act out of line, you can be sure karma's paying attention, and will kick you in the butt! People who go out of their way to belittle others, treating them poorly, or being a general jerk will get what's coming to them. There's no denying it after watching our video of instant karma manifesting itself in sweet, sweet universal payback! Idiots who would cause harm to others, acting as bullies, get taught a lesson when the supportive group of bystanders stand up and fight back! Road rage gets trumped by the cosmic karma energy that sees an angry driver get hit by an oncoming car (luckily no one is hurt too badly), and an iPhone thief, fleeing the scene of the crime, runs out into the street to get nicked by a passing vehicle. All this just goes to show that it doesn't pay to be negative, because the balance will be restored, and we'll all be laughing at the sweet and satisfying instant karma!