Surprising Ways Your Brain Tricks You


With all the Inception-style movies and research on the peculiar brain waves that animate your body when you sleep, you must be by now aware of the activity your body goes through at night. However, ironically, people generally pay less attention to what happens to them when they’re wide-awake. Sure, you notice people around you, think about the daily set of meetings you’ll go to or analyze the news on TV, but you often fail to think about what’s happening inside your noggin.

The truth is, the more you interact with the environment, the more your body and brain react and this can have many unusual consequences during the course of your daily activities. After all, you can sometimes be too distracted to notice what’s happening to you. Sometimes, you just write off mood swings to be irrational. Sometimes they are not.

Here, we’ve tried to compile some of the most exciting and bizarre events that can affect your body and brain when you’re wide-awake.

Feed Me Junk!

Brains accustomed to fast food are twice as prone to depression

But the low lows of eating junk and sugar are first ushered in by sky high feelings

This state of super-satisfaction can cause a vicious cycle of dining and whining

Repeat Repeat Repeat…Wait, What?

Scientists have observed that the more you repeat a word, the more your brain becomes satisfied

This can lead you to wonder what that word actually means

Semantic satiation, as scientists term it, occurs when your brain momentarily disconnects the word from its meaning

Congrats – You’ve Got Mail!

Your brain releases dopamine when you see that you have unread messages on your phone

This actually propels you to act and read the messages

Your brain is more stimulated when you anticipate a reward than when you actually receive one

You’re Lying To Yourself!

According to scientists, it’s incredibly easy to plant false memories

This is because your mind tries to take every detail of a situation into account but fails and has gaps

To fill these gaps the brain automatically plants false memories based on what makes sense


These are the hallucinations you have right before you fall asleep

when you are still partially conscious but very tired, your brain creates visual and auditory delusions

Don’t worry that you’re going crazy, it’s possible for anyone to experience these waking dreams