Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had


Don’t be so quick to envy superheroes; it turns out that your human body is capable of some amazing feats you might not even been aware of. We’ll tell you about some of the strange and incredible things your body is capable of that practically qualify as superpowers. Our perception of time is controlled by our brains, meaning that under the right circumstances, it can seem like we can manipulate time in a way that would make Neo jealous. Some superpowers, like super strength, can only be called upon when we need them the most, and our body provides us with a little extra boost of adrenaline. Somewhere in your body is a supply of acid powerful enough to dissolve razor blades and only your body’s incredible regenerative powers keep it from affecting the rest of you. Besides our brains, our eyes are the most complex part of our bodies, and are even more unique than our fingerprints.