Strangest Hybrid Fruits You Didn't Know Existed


To survive as a species, we need to eat. Every living thing eats something. We are living in an age where if there’s a certain food that doesn’t exist, we can create it thanks to the amazing world of science. Through genetically modified food science and cross-pollination, we can create some really amazing hybrids of our favorite foods. Keep in mind that doing this to foods isn’t always a bad thing. It’s simply like taking two different colors on a paint palette to create a beautiful new color. With hybrids made up of two to three different fruits, it seems that we are creating a whole new world of eating that even our grandparents could never dream of. This all sounds like a fantasy, but it’s very much real. The craziest thing about it is that this is only the beginning. Solving world hunger doesn't seem so impossible now that we can essentially create any food that we want.