Strange Vending Machines That Actually Exist


Vending machines are the height of convenience. They’re perfect for when you’re starving, and want to grab a bag of chips or a warm drink. You don’t have to talk to anyone in order to receive your item, and they’re also probably the fastest way of getting exactly what you need there and then. When we talk about vending machines, you’re probably thinking of the standard food and drinks machines about. But today, we’re challenging those illusions, with some of the weirdest vending machines around today.

Sure – everyone gets bored of snacking on a chocolate bar every so often, so why not branch out? If you head to China, you can pick up a live crab complete with accompaniments for only $3. Or, if that’s not fancy enough for you, head over to LA, where you can buy fresh caviar from a machine, albeit for a slightly higher price. If those foodstuffs aren’t to your liking, we have a few others on this list, including canned bread and mashed potato. And if you have a furry friend with you, too, then they can also get some pet food from a machine, although only if they’re in Turkey for the time being.

Aside food and drink, there are some particularly strange vending machines located in weird and wonderful corners of the Earth. We’re talking real bars of gold, underwear, guitar strings and socks. Soon, we’ll never need to go to a real store again, because we’ll be able to pick up everything we need from a vending machine.