Strange Health Cleanses You'd Be Crazy To Try


The idea of losing weight gets complicated by all kinds of nutritional details and facts that lead to the creation of diets and cleanses that are pretty wild.Getting thin and staying thin is rarely remembered as being simple. You eat healthy, you exercise more, right? In this day and age there is so much pressure about being thin that we’ve all seen people do some extreme things when it comes to getting rid of that extra fat. Some diets and cleanses are so outrageous and so illogical that going on them unfortunately backfires. More vegetables, water and exercise don’t seem to cut it for some people. Often time people need to feel pain to really believe that their weight losing efforts are paying off. But not all of them are that way; some cleanses even require you to binge on some crazy foods!

Let’s take a look at some of these diets. Some are appealing; some look ridiculously painful to do. Sometimes these cleanses are just so ridiculous that all they seem to be is veiled anorexia. Nevertheless, new cleanses and diets will continue to come and go in the health world as popular and trendy ways to get fit.

The Ice Diet

• Eating tons of ice

• Forces your body to burn calories

• By keeping up body temperature

• You can burn up to 160 calories a day

• If you eat four cups daily

• Talk about cool!


• Some people eat clay

• Because they believe it bonds

• To toxins in the body

• And is flushed out with waste

Taco Cleanse

• Eating tacos all day for thirty days

• Doesn’t promise weight loss

• But some people still believe

• It Helps cleanse toxins and improves sleep

Baby Food

• Eaten in small portions all day

• Followed by a sensible dinner

• Baby food is cheaper than juicing

• But be careful

• Not to binge at dinner!

Air Diet

• Yes, that’s right

• “Air Diet”

• You cook food, put it on your plate

• Hold it up on a fork

• Breathe, and pretend you eat

• Really?