Strange Google Earth Mysteries


Who among us have not lost hours exploring Google Earth? Whether you’re checking up on your own hometown, or visiting corners of the world you’ve always wanted to visit - we’ve all had a lot of fun exploring the ins and out of this amazing app. But sometimes, we run into some very weird things.

Whether it’s a weird glitch or a bizarre coincidence, there are some very creepy things on Google Earth. Street view is always an adventure and you don’t know if you’re going to run into something funny, familiar or downright horrifying. We can’t be the only ones who find it especially creepy when Google tries to cover up their tracks - either by blurring out or removing bizarre content.

For this list, we present a small cross section of the most bizarre things we’ve found on Google Earth. Maybe some of it can easily be explained, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. What are your creepiest Google Earth discoveries?

Murder Dock

This supposed murder scene

Was apparently just a wet dog...

We’re not so sure.

Tiki Monster

This image captured in France

Has since been blurred by Google Earth

What do they have to hide?

Egyptian Superstructure

Speculation on This bizarre structure

seen near Cairo

Suggests it might be a secret military or alien complex


An eery figure and beam of light

Was captured in Morristown, New Jersey

Could it be an alien beaming back home?

Monster Lady

While this is likely a glitch

It’s still very weird and convincing

And gives us nightmares!