Strange Animals Created by Scientists


Genetic engineering used to be thought of as a fantasy. The ability to change what an animal is at its core was thought to be immoral and likely not even possible. But through science, it seems that every experiment in modified genetics is just a matter of time until success. When a scientist sits down in their lab, they are able to create some scary stuff! Animals that are usually average all of a sudden become a lesson in biology right in front of your face. For example, a mouse was created with a human appendage on its back and it shocked the world. But not as much as another animal on our list named Dolly. The cartilage was only made to look human however, because it had been injected with parts of a cow as well! Frogs that you would usually dissect in school in the classroom are now beyond that. Scientists have modified them through experiments to become beyond cutting. A sheep became the first mammal of its kind to be cloned! And cloning is no easy task… Ask any mad scientist from television and movies. The science behind these amazing experiments is incredibly advanced. It’s almost as if a scientist would need to be mad to complete them! When they get into the lab, anything is possible.

Once you see these strange animals, you will realize that the future is now. Anytime we thought modifying genetics wasn’t possible, we have been proven wrong by scientists. So let’s take a look at the Strange Animals Created by Scientists.