Stars Who Embarassingly Dated Their Ex's Doppleganger


Going through a breakup can be tough for just about anyone. Most people would advise you to avoid dating anyone who is even remotely similar to your ex, for various reasons. As if break ups aren’t hard enough, celebrities have an even harder time keeping things on the “down low” as they’re constantly on the watch. That’s why these celebrities were immediately spotted when dating their ex’s doppelganger.

-Kris Humphries dated Fatmire (aka Myla) Sinanaj shortly after his marriage was annulled with Ms. Kim Kardashian.

-Reggie Bush, who also dated Kim Kardashian for a brief period of time, met another beautiful Armenian woman. Lilit Avagyan was the “Kim Klone” Bush was looking for.

-As if we haven’t heard enough about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Both parties dated each other’s clone, Rihanna dating Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Brown dating Jasmine Sanders. Neither relationship lasted long.

-Hulk Hogan just couldn’t step away from the platinum blonde. When his relationship with wife Linda Hogan came to an end (due to cheating suspicions,) Hulk got together with Jennifer McDaniel.

-Leonardo Di Caprio was spotted spending time with the beautiful Blake Lively. The gorgeous blonde resembles Bar Refaeli, Di Caprio’s former six-year love.

-Prince Harry (yes that’s right, Princes have it hard too!) fell for Cressida Bonas shortly after his break up with Chelsy Davy.

-Just like he loves his v-necks, Simon Cowell seems to love women who looked alike as well. He hooked up Lauren Silverman not long after his break up with Mezhgan Hussainy. This led to some serious obstacles.