Sore Losers and Bad Sports


Athletes and competitors who get too invested into the game live by a mantra of "2nd place is 1st loser." When they can't handle defeat gracefully, sore sports throw tantrums and act quite rudely to their winning counterparts. It's just a display of poor sportsmanship, or a completely lack of it at all. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Or in other words, if you take sports and games too seriously, no one will want to play with you. So next time you pick up a racket, or lace up and hit the courts, know that there are many people with their phones ready to pick up a video of terrible behavior. Besides, the better you handle a loss, and the more gracefully you accept defeat, acknowledging your opponent's greater skill or luck on a given day, the more favorable you will be remembered, and will be called upon again to play another time. Don't be like these Sore Losers and Shamefully Bad Sports.