Something Curious Is Happening to The Kardashians


Just look at their horrible relationships. Each one has gone through at least one public split. Kim has been married 3 times and Khloe has one divorce in the bag. Kylie had an on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend Tyga that was in the media almost daily. None of their relationships ever quite seem to stick.

They all look completely different than they did when we first saw them. Of course, people change as they get older, but they don’t just look different, they are all starting to look like each other! Not just in a sisterly way, but more like clones! Could it be because of plastic surgery?

Three of the sisters are pregnant at the same time! How often does that happen? It’s probably a 1 in a million chance. Could it all have been planned? Did they all intend to get pregnant at the same time or is there something in the water over in Calabasas?

Whether it be how they got famous, their mastermind mom, or paternity scandals, there has always been something strange going on with the Kardashians. They have just enough drama to keep you coming back for more but is it all getting to be too much? Stay tuned to Something Curious Is Happening to The Kardashians to see the conspiracy theory that has everyone losing it.