Something Curious Is Happening To Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight since he was a pre-teen, and it hasn’t always been for the best of reasons. Since trying to get rid of his bad boy persona in 2015, some strange things have been happening in the pop singer’s life. From his relationship with Carl Lentz to the accusations that he donated millions of dollars to a cult-like church, this is: Something Curious is Happening To Justin Bieber.

It all started when Bieber began to show some erratic behavior. From brawls with the paps to deleting his Instagram page, no one was sure what was going on. Then, the singer canceled the last leg of his Purpose world tour, and fans were completely shocked. The singer claimed he needed time to focus on his mental health. But, in the few months since the tour was canceled, it seems like the singer is focused on something else. His religion.

Many believe it was his relationship with his pastor, Carl Lentz, that made the singer cancel his tour. There have been several rumors about the duo, and we have to admit, they do have an unusual relationship. The pair has been seen doing everything from cuddling in public to taking shots while on a night out. We aren’t quite sure what is happening between the two, but we have to admit, it is pretty curious.

We are also going to take a look at other things in Justin’s life, like his possible rekindled romance with Selena Gomez. We will even take a deeper look into the singer’s star-studded church, Hillsong United Church. Once you are done with the video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below.