Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You


Some guys can be really shallow. Most girls have had the experience of walking down the street and having a guy call out some obscene comment.

Usually starting with a simple, “Hey, baby” leading into compliments even an exotic dancer might blush at.

Some guys will try anything to sleep with a woman. Whether its attempting to strike up a conversation with a pretty stranger on the street or by stringing a woman along with sweet compliments and gifts, some guys let you know what leads them around instead of their brain quite obviously. They see a woman who clearly wants more than sex and know they can take advantage of that commitment to get what they want. They’ve learned the game and have had years putting it into practice; they are masters at something you’re just learning exists.

So girls, don’t fall for just any guy with a sweet smile and a fat wallet. Besides, if they’re throwing money at you and not looking deeper into your personality they don’t intend to keep you any longer than a few shots and a cab ride home.

Perhaps a few things on this list will save some woman’s committed heart the heartbreak.

He Compliments You Too Much

Compliments are nice if they are sincere

If his compliments focus strictly on superficial items, stay clear

His nice words are only to get you out of your clothes

He Pushes Alcohol On You

If he gets another round even when you say no…

Maybe think twice about his objectives

He may just be trying to get you drunk, thinking it will make you say yes

He Only Texts You When He Is Bored

If he only sends you texts when he has nothing else to do…

That’s not a good sign

It means you’re his last option – the one he goes to when he has nothing else

He Never Wants To Hang Out With Your Friends

A guy who likes you will know how important your friends are

He will want to meet them, to please you

A guy who always finds an excuse to avoid your friends is not a friend to you

He Is Annoyed When You Ask Him To Hang Out And You Don’t Have Sex

Can’t have a casual hang out where you just cuddle and talk?

If he gets mad when you don’t put out then he shouldn’t get the privilege

Send him on his way ‘cause most likely that’s all he wants!

His Gifts Are Always Sexual

Gifts are always appreciated but if its always lingerie…

Maybe you should think if the gift really is for you

He may be just spending money on his fantasies and will drop you once he plays them out

He Is Not Willing To Commit

If he says he wants you but wont talk about anything serious…

Its probably because he doesn’t want anything serious

If you want a real relationship, get out now – He wont give you one