Shady Stories Of Celebs Caught Cheating


We all have celebrities we fantasize dating or marrying. It’s a big reason why we follow the relationships they are in so closely- it’s a vicarious living thing. When celebrities date each other it’s exciting because we have associations with them and because we love them all for different reasons, we most often want the more endearing relationships to prevail. Honestly, could many of us handle it if there was ever an end to Brangelina? From Jimeny to Beniffer to many others it’s like magic when we see that kind of beauty and talent come together. We like to think the best of the celebrities we love and admire and when they betray each other, well that feels like they are betraying us too.

These celebrities were caught in rather embarrassing acts of infidelity. They were hot to trot with the tabloids when it came to their trist with their fellow famous partner, but when they act out and do something pretty unexpected it can often do something pretty damaging to their image. A lot of us have cheated on someone, many of us have been cheated on. So whether they were the victim or the cheater we can find either side of the story relatable. So as embarrassing as these cheaters’ acts were, there’s always the other side of the story…

Kristin Stewart

• When Kristin cheated on Robert Pattinson

• With a married director

• She broke the hearts of Twilight fans

• And broke up a home as well

Ryan Phillipe

• Ryan was married to Reese Witherspoon

• But he cheated on her with Abbie Cornish

• Reese tried to work things out

• But he cheated again

• Talk about Cruel Intentions!

Ashton Kutcher

• While married to Demi Moore

• Ashton was caught by paparazzi

• Partying with a hot blond

• He and Demi got divorced

• Demi No-Moore!

Jennifer Lopez

• Lopez married dancer Chris Judd

• And that dance seemed

• to make her happy

• But after meeting Ben Affleck

• She left Judd on the dance floor