Seems Legit! Celebrity Photoshop Fails


Celebrities are among the most admired people today. They have followers vast enough to compete with some religions. This is why they need to appear perfect or close to it. Anything less can turn their followers away.

They don’t mislead their flock with just makeup and cover up anymore. They have a new weapon: Photoshop. Photoshop doesn’t only cover up flaws, it replaces them as if they were never there. Just like make up, Photoshop use continues to improve, becoming more reliable and making celebrities depend on it more. It can change anything from wrinkles to body size, definition, as well as – size – down there. It can change anything on a person to suit a specific marketing campaign. It can make them appear perfect. The only flaws are when the original photos are leaked.

Companies even use it on their models. Some question this practice because they feel it sends the wrong message to young women. Looked at from a businesses perspective, if the models are more relatable, young girls may not be inspired to buy their products.

While many utilize it to the maximum, others oppose it, allowing the world to see them for who they are.

Katy Perry

On the cover of Rolling Stone, she appeared flawless

Leaked photos revealed the flaws she covered up

Keira Knightley

On a poster for King Arthur, her breasts were inflated a couple sizes

The ‘improvement’ was intended to attract a larger audience

Adam Levine

For Vogue Russia, part of the Maroon 5 star’s torso was omitted

Justin Bieber

Bieber appeared to have grown up in a Calvin Klein ad

His muscles, definition, and ‘goods’ were thanks to Photoshop

Chrissy Teigen

On a 2014 cover of GQ Mexico, the beauty received help from photoshop

In a pose that should have revealed a nipple, it was missing


Lorde is opposed to photo retouching

She spread untouched photos of herself telling youth that flaws are ok

John Mayer

Mayer pranked us with photoshopped pictures on Instagram

He was poking fun at celebrities who use photoshop

Kim Kardashian

The self proclaimed selfie queen doctors her own photos

It’s rumored that she hires people to photoshop her photos professionally