Secrets You didn't Know About Dan Bilzerian


Whether you hate him or love him, Dan Bilzerian has left his mark all over social media, with more Instagram followers than some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Known for his poker talent and for always being surrounded by beautiful woman, Dan Bilzerian is none too worried about what people think of him and his wild antics.

Even though Dan Bilzerian’s everyday life seems to be rather exposed, there are some secrets most people don’t know about the “King of Instagram”.

Weak Heart: DanBilzerian has serious heart problems, having already suffered 3 heart attacks.

Bilzerian completed 510 days of training to become a Navy Seal, only to be discharged before graduation.

Dan Bilzerian’s father was a private equity trader spending a lot of time abroad and rarely present in his son’s life. When Dan was 10 years old, his father went to jail for stock fraud

Struggling with a rough upbringing due to his father’s legal issues, Dan Bilzerian was expelled from 2 different schools before being sent to a military academy.

When producers decided to cut Dan’s screen time from 8 minutes to less than one minute for the film Lone Survivor, Dan filed a messy $1.25 million lawsuit against the company.

Although Bilzerian’s circulated net worth is estimated to be $100 million, this net worth can be completely fabricated.

Even though Dan lives a rather lavish lifestyle, riding in flashy cars and jets, he is known to be very generous. He funded a ‘Robin Hood’ project and gave away $100,000 to victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Dan Bilzerian took his $750 gun collection and sold it for $10,000, and turned that into $187,000 by taking it to Vegas and playing poker.