Secrets Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know


There just isn’t anything quite like enjoying a movie at the theater. Sure you can get a massive TV and surround system at home but that experience just isn’t the same. Many of us have great memories of heading to the movies as kids. Today, we continue that story by heading out with friends or enjoying a date night. Yet, employees tell us that at many theaters there are stories and happenings that management likes to keep under wraps. Some of these rumors you’ve heard while others might be new.

We’ll start you off at the concession stand where we’ll explain to you why buying food here is such an incredibly horrible, yet vital part of the movie experience. It turns out that at many theaters that if you’re friends or family with the manager you can get all the free movies you want. That popcorn is a vital part of the movie experience but it can also come with some unappetizing facts. Another perk of working in a theater? Some cinemas will allow staff to play video games on the big screen before or after hours. We’ve all seen the staff rush into a theater after the movie ends. Yet, just how clean do they really get stuff? Date night can be a classic reason for heading to the movies. Yet, every now and then an amorous couple get busted in the back aisle. Even if you don’t get caught, they know what you’re doing. If you’re tired of paying high prices at the concession, odds are you snuck in some food. Yes, it’s against rules but odds are the staff don’t care at all. Yet another perk of working in a theater is that staff can get to watch a movie days before anyone else. Speaking of sneaking an early peek, some viewers aren’t old enough for R-rated films but they try their best to sneak in. Many staff don’t care about this either. Finally, movie theaters are the middle man between the studios and you. Yet, dealing with certain studios can be a real nightmare and cause considerable problems for management.